Eyewitness to Jesus: Some Links

Saw this at Walmart among the Easter offerings:










The DVD explores a theory that Papyrus 64/Magdalen Papyrus is in fact actually to be dated in the first century AD, within the lifetime of Jesus’ disciples, and not about 200 AD, as is commonly claimed.

Now before you go spending less than Amazon wants for this DVD, you might want to know that the theory it expounds is almost universally rejected by scholars not involved in the creation of the theory. The late Carsten Peter Thiede, who died too young, apparently made something of a career coming up with novel interpretations of ancient documents. Besides a redating of Papyrus 64 (P64) that forms the basis for this film, he also famously suggested that a portion of the Gospel of Mark was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls (7Q5).

For those so inclined, I include a few links against Thiede’s theories:

7Q5 Dan Wallace book review

P64 Peter Head article

Both Brian Wilson list post

Both PTET anti-Thiede roundup

You can in fact watch the video on youtube, but it would be nice to pay the video creators for their work, after all. Something about laborers worthy of their hire, I seem to recall.

Anyhow, let the buyer beware.


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