If You’re Not Reading the Bible in the Original Languages….

…it’s like your wife is playing a mouth organ through a veil for Beethoven kissing.

Or something like that.

If a translation (Greek Septuagint) was good enough for the apostles, a translation should suffice for believers. Scripture after all, is God breathed. That is, God the Holy Spirit is involved in proper Scripture study, so the limitations are off, so to speak.

Now, if you’re secularly studying the Bible, then by all means the original languages are better, just like reading Arrian’s account of Alexander or Sappho’s poetry. (Of course, you know we can’t really know what any ancient author said. Bart Ehrman said so, and Bart Ehrman is the pope of ancient documentary study. Sort of a secular F.F. Bruce, if you’re old enough to remember those days.)

Back to the Sunday School notes. Commentary is hard, very hard. Especially when math is involved.

HT: That pesky Jim West


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