He won’t say it, so I will…

Jim West is dying to wean his church off that textually antiquated New King James Bible, but of course, he can’t expect his congregation to learn Hebrew and Greek (Well, actually, he can expect, but his congregation just ignore him like good Baptists. They’re also afraid of rain like proper Baptists, but I digress.)

Thus Jim has had to come up with a translation for himself and the folk in the pew. After much searching, Jim has settled on the Lolcat Bible.

But his church just won’t pay for a Bible with kitties on the front, so Jim needs your support. He needs lots and lots of copies donated to his church so he can introduce his members to a REAL Bible translation.

So go to your favorite internet bookstore and give. Give two. Give more. Give until it hurts. Remember, it is better to give than to receive. Especially the Lolcat Bible.


2 thoughts on “He won’t say it, so I will…

  1. You’ll know me when I visit your church one Sunday. I’ll be wearing the thick glasses and fake beard, and carrying the Lolcat Bible.

    Oh, and every word of every hymn I don’t know gets replaced with “Zwingli”.

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