Favorite Bibles: A Quick Listing

1. Greek/English Diglot: NET/Nestle Aland 27

A sort of mini textual critical encyclopedia, this includes the full Nestle Aland 27 text (the standard  New Testament textual critical edition) and the NET English New Testament with culled brief notes from the NET First Edition and an Appendix with longer textual discussions.

Good: Large Print Edition

Bad:    Somewhat large and heavy due to large print



2.Greek/ English Diglot: Revised Standard English/Nestle Aland 27

Basically the normal print previous version of the above.

Good: Handy size with the reams of NA27 info, as well as English variant translation footnotes from the KJV, RV, RSV editions

Bad: No plain English discussion of variants, chunky, font size can be tough on tired eyes




3.  NRSVA Cross Reference Edition Anglicized

What makes this edition special is that it bases  its cross reference system on the 1898 Revised Edition, so that its cross-references even flow into and out of the apocrypha.

Good: NRSV with unique cross-references, a “complete” bible (apocrypha include both Catholic and Orthodox books), reasonable size

Bad: Out of print, pricey, maybe a bit heavy, font a tad small

(To see inside a bit, try here)





I have one more edition on the way and recently bought another, so this list could well change, and almost must over time. Today at least my criteria for a favorite bible are:

1. Complete edition (yes, that tends to mean the RSVA/NRSVA/ESVA family)

2. Readable font

3. Reasonably easy to carry

New Testament editions are simpler:

1. Readable font

2. Reasonable size

3. The more textual critical data, the better.

More anon, as they say.


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