Post Doctors Visit Update

ThursdayAug 12, 2010: I saw the assisting urologist from my surgery. God be praised, he dismissed me, barring emergencies.

FridayAug 13, 2010: Saw my surgeon, who continued to emphasize mine was one of the worst cases of diverticular disease he’d so far seen, and how grateful he was for the assistance of the urologist (who inserted splints in my urinary tracts so the surgeon didn’t accidentally cut the wrong thing during the two hour removal and rejoining of my colon). Finding my three small sutures and one large one healing well, the surgeon had his nurse remove the staples (surprisingly pain-free, with just a little pinch occassionally.)

The surgeon also dismissed me, barring complications. Thank God for his mercies. He put me on a seriously high fiber diet (25-30 grams of fiber a day), warned me to be aware of high fever or leaking from my sutures, but released me to go back to work next week. The low grade fever I’ve been fighting the surgeon credits to healing.

The work release is a little complicated, as I’m still sore, and one isn’t supposed to drive until the soreness is gone, so it’s possible I may be a little later getting back to work.

I am happy to report I am getting stronger and less sore it seems, every day. My appetite is returning as well, and I had my first meal out ( a reuben sandwich and fries) last night.

So it seems I am seriously on the road to recovery, and no one is more pleased than I. It has been a tough month.

I credit my recovery and my acceptance of some hard times to God, who strengthened me in my prayers. I also credit the many prayers of you my friends, here online, as well as the prayers and visits of my church family at First Baptist Church. Thank you all.

Remember me yet, in your prayers, but say a few praises for all God has done for me so far.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, even in the midst of seeming afflictions.


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