After Surgery Update

I’ve been home from the hospital for a day and a half now. The results are:

1) I have  a foot less colon

2) I have reams of staples in multiple incisions

3) Most annoying of all, I have the hospital gift that keeps on giving: pneumonia. My surgeon apparently thinks it well on the way to clearing up, though, because he only prescribed five days antibiotics for me. Unfortunately the coughing exercises and temperature watching are big time drain, as is the draining effects of the anitbiotics, which include suppressing my appetite.

Besides thanks my online friends and prayer warriors, I must also make mention of the wonderful support from the people of First Baptist Church Pascagoula. There were ten people from my church in the surgical waiting room during my operation, apparently, and visitors were as frequent as their concern for my recovery could allow.

Thank you everyone. Now please continue to pray for my recovery.

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