A Prayer Request Before Surgery

Rom 15:30 NET. Now I urge you, brothers and sisters, through our Lord Jesus Christ and through the love of the Spirit, to join fervently with me in prayer to God on my behalf.

If you wondered at my slow pace of blog posts lately, it is due to a recent illness that has revealed the need for a surgical operation.

I have diverticulosis, one complication of which is it can form an obstruction or stricture of the colon. That has recently happened to me, and the recommended treatment is a sigmoid colectomy, that is, the removal of the narrowed section of my colon and the restiching of two healthy portions of colon.

It’s a pretty standard procedure, as standard as an surgical operation can be. It will mean I will be away from this blog probably five to seven days, God willing and barring complications. I will be off from work three to eight weeks, God willing. Fortunately I have never been out on major sick leave in twenty-three years, so I have more than enough backlog of personal time to continue my pay.

I ask specifically that you pray for me in these areas:

1. Preparation: Whether it is my narrowed colon or weak stomach, I have tremendous problems doing the bowel cleansing. Pray I have a successful and, God willing, relatively uneventful prep tomorrow afternoon and evening.

2. Surgery: Pray I can have a safe, effective operation that doesn’t, God willing, require a colostomy bag, which besides being inconvenient, would also extend my time off from work.

3. Recovery: Pray I heal well and have no complications, God willing. This surgery can be a real blessing and life style improvement for many people.

Remember me in your prayers, always, but especially now.

7 thoughts on “A Prayer Request Before Surgery

  1. Chuck, I have just prayed and will continue. Thanks so much for letting us know what’s going on. Please let us know how you are when you can comfortably do so!


  2. Thank you all for your prayers.

    I did all my paperwork earlier today and have been trying to be calm as the prep approaches. I am just beginning my clean out prep now. God willing, this will go well and my surgery will be very early tomorrow morning.

  3. God bless and keep you through the cleanse and the surgery, bringing to bear the knowledge He has provided to your doctors to heal you if that is His will…and to accept His will if it is otherwise. You have been a blessing to me and helped me to better understand and teach God’s word. I’m praying for you. Kimberly

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