King Arthur Isn’t Dead, You Know

They don’t call him the “Once and Future King” for nothing. Histories, novels, and films about this guy just don’t let up. You’ve perhaps seen this news article in the last few days. Here is a pretty reasonable historical take on the “discovery”‘s significance. Even better, here is a page of excerpts of historical writing about the most legendary King of the Britons.

And here are two lists of the best King Arthur films.


2 thoughts on “King Arthur Isn’t Dead, You Know

  1. I like that the author of the film list said they were in “dubious order” 😉

    I loved anything Arthurian growing up. After I read The Once and Future King, I couldn’t get enough of him, Camelot, Merlin . . .

  2. I always had problems with Arthur on film. He was never legendary enough to rate all the fuss. All too often we spent our time on Lancelot, with Arthur old or helplessly immobilized by his goodness.

    And even as a kid I knew enough history to know Malory’s medieval Arthur was out of place and the armor and swordplay never looked convincing in the films.

    Of course, I’ve been reading medieval military history lately, so when I recently rewatched “Braveheart”, that was a constant stream of “Uh, no, that’s wrong…”. Need a “Braveheart” coaster, anyone?

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