The Cons of Abby Sunderland’s Quest

So I read this article about the young sailor’s rescue.

It summed up my problem with this sort of thing in the middle paragraph:

French authorities said that at one point during the rescue, the fishing vessel’s captain fell into the ocean. He was fished out “in difficult conditions” but is now in good health, said a statement from the French territory of Reunion Island.

My problem isn’t being adventurous, or allowing loved ones to be adventurous. My problem is the people who are then put in the situation of risking life and limb dragging me and/or mine out of harm’s way, when there was a good chance disaster would strike in the first place.

Yes, it’s a convenient excuse for being a couch potato….

I have no children, only a niece and a nephew who are now adults. But go back a decade or so and even as a mere uncle I’d have serious problems if the niece and nephew wanted to do something, alone, like Ms Sunderlund has done. For the above reason (and the further reason that having lost elder relatives, I have some vague idea of the loss one must feel losing relatives younger and “before their time”) I’d probably fall on the “No, you can’t” crowd if someone juvenile (and most adults, too, for that matter) in my care wanted to do something that would put them or rescuers at risk.

If that makes me evil, I’d prefer to argue the point live.


One thought on “The Cons of Abby Sunderland’s Quest

  1. You are absolutely right! Within the last three years we have lost a mother, a brother, an uncle, but hardest of all…was my nephew…far too young to have passed. He was only 23…an only child. Some “stuff” just shouldn’t happen. But when it does, and you think you have lost your grasp on just who God is and why He didn’t intervene…You’ll find that when you search for Him with all your heart you will find Him!

    This time… He intervened on behalf of Ms Sunderlund…I hope she knows all her moments, days and years are counted by God and it is He who has kept her!

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