Free Old Films!

I use the Internet Archive a lot, but mostly for books. Recently I was guided there again by an Amazon review in reference to films.

Duh Oh! Lots of great oldies available for viewing or downloading. Enough that I’ve added a permanent link on the sidebar for those interested.

I suppose you are wondering why I gathered you all here…

Ahem. I mean, I suppose you are asking what I mean when I say lots of great oldies. Therefore, let me give you a few linked samples:

1. Le Vampires: At least six people will remember I praised this early French serial as one of the most entertaining silents I’ve seen. The DVDs are OOP and pricey used. Luckily you can watch and/or download all ten chapters online.

2. Early Alfred Hitchcock: One of my earliest blogposts examined the wonders available in Wal*Mart’s five dollar DVD line. One of my faves was a twenty-six hour collection of the pre-Hollywood Alfred Hitchock films. These are in many ways my favorite Hitchcock movies, just because they seem fresher and less formulaic than his later ones. The problem is they are seldom available in decent prints. Thus you won’t mind free viewing or downloading eleven of the films online.

3. Nosferatu: The original silent vampire classic, very much the antitype of “Twilight”, with a single creepy, otherworldly vampire ruining a whole city by his presence.

4. Battleship Potemkin: Legendary silent film that is credited with helping create modern film style and technique.

5. Charlie Chaplin: One of the great comedy film stars, silent, sound, or any-other-wise. Lots of choices here.

6. Douglas Fairbanks: One of the original action stars,  from the silent era, who among other things made a “Robin Hood” better than what is on screens summer 2010.

7. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari: A classic in Horror and German Expressionism. Yup, silent.

8. M: A classic from one of the classic directors, Fritz Lang, this was one of his first sound films. Excellent but the pace is definitely slower than today’s films.

9. Movies Trailer Collection: The best parts of the movies in concentrated form. Every type of film is previewed, from oldie classics to cheapie action to sleaze, here.

10. Buster Keaton: One of the other great silent comedy stars.

There’s ten hints and starts at the large selection available for free online. Try them out! You be glad you did!


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