You Can’t Make These Things Up!

And that’s saying something, as I’ve been a sci-fi and fantasy fan my entire life, so I’ve read and watched some pretty wild stories.

To what do I refer? Why the move to boycott Arizona Iced Tea in protest of the recent new Arizona immigration law.

Of course, as most people realize, the company isn’t actually out of Arizona.

Mind you, conservative right-wing idiots have no bragging rights over their more leftist counterparts. Anyone still eating “Freedom fries” today?

Personally. I like Arizona’s Diet line, and will have to make a special effort to have a few Diet Raspberry and Diet Green Tea combos the next week or two, as a show of support for an innocent company.

In the meantime, the Theater of the Absurd is still open and doing great business, even in this economy and political climate. If only I could buy stock in it I’d retire rich.


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