Bill Clinton: If I say it long enough, maybe some nut will make it true….

Or at least that seems to be the translation of his recent speech to the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Clinton has been saying right wing rhetoric was going to cause horrible incidents in this country since 1995, you see.

Still, this is the really interesting part:

“….But what we learned from Oklahoma City is not that we should gag each other or reduce our passion from the positions we hold — but that the words we use really do matter, because there’s this vast echo chamber and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike. They fall on the connected and the unhinged alike. And I am not trying to muzzle anybody….”

Is it me or is Bill playing word games yet again? “I am not…” yet surely he is, by implication?

But wait, there’s more…

“Yes, the Boston tea party involved the seizure of tea in the ship because it was taxation without representation. This fight is about taxation by duly elected representatives that you don’t happen to agree with and can vote out at the next election — and two years after that, and two years after that, and two years after that.”

By another implication, then, the Tea Party rallies are illegitimate, because the government that has done these things they complain about was duly elected, thus representative of the will of the people. Is it me, or is he (like Obama, on several occasions) advocating a view of American government whereby the government can do anything not expressly forbidden by law between elections? I remind you those same members of government write and modify a great deal of the law, as well. And President Obama recently had the gumption to tell off the Supreme Court because he didn’t like one of their rulings, which rather makes one wonder what Obama’s notion of checks and balances in the government should be.

Such a government as Clinton and Obama seem to imply a preference for reminds me of the guy who had the only football and insisted he thereby got to make the rules. Did anyone actually want to play with him?


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