The NET Bible News You’ve Been Expecting…

…is posted here.

The short version is there is no NET update coming this year, and likely no update for another five years.

A new print edition, for example, has run into at least two snags, apparently:

1. The bad economy

2. The ever- expanding use of electronic bibles on computers, cellphones, and e-readers.

Hopefully, with the increase in time between editions we can now see two features I eagerly anticipate:

1. NET Old Testament audio: We’ve had the New Testament for some while. It would be very useful to have the Old Testament as well.

2. NET Apocrypha: We’ve had a start on this for years now but no sign of further progress. A completed NET Apocrypha would greatly expand the possible use of the NET among those denominations that take their deuterocanonicals/apocrypha seriously, while also aiding even those denominations that don’t see the Apocrypha as scriptural but nevertheless might read them for cultural and/or historical background.

The upside of this news is that all those holding out on using the NET for fear of a radical update (like that between NLT 1996 and NLT 2004) can now dive into using the NET without fear of being befuddled at translation differences (if your church is like mine, there are numerous translations in use at once, anyway).

As Rick Mansfield, bible geek extraordinaire, put it in his review:

Ultimately, I recommend the NET Bible–especially the standard edition with 60,932 notes–to all believers. The detailed notes are clearly one of the best first stops (and in many cases will be final answer) in asking questions of the biblical text. The more I’ve used the NET Bible, both personally and publicly, the more I both like and respect it. My original “top ten” list of Bible translations is now dated. At the time, I didn’t know the NET Bible well enough to include it, but if I were making the list over today, I’d easily place the NET Bible in the top five.

I’d add that the Reader’s Edition is a medium size and weight large print edition perfect for carrying around, if you want a printed bible. I’d also add that the NET/NA 27 Greek NT diglot is tremendously useful for those with some acquaintance with Greek and textual criticism, loved by most everyone I’ve heard who admitted to using it at all. I like the diglot so much I’m always tempted to carry it even with my netbook loaded with e-Sword! And the NET comes in electronic editions for numerous bible programs, as well as recently being formatted for Kindle. And of course, there’s always the printed NET first edition, which will not only enrich your understanding of the Bible but also build your muscles and stop small caliber bullets! 😉  Now available in less expensive hardback with added concordance, in fact.

So the cloud really does have a silver lining, this time! Jump on board the NET Bible express; you’ll be glad you did.

Hat tip: Rick Mansfield


2 thoughts on “The NET Bible News You’ve Been Expecting…

  1. Chuck, a couple of comments on your post..
    Good News. I talked with a person this week who will be reading the Old testament so we will have the NET OT audio in due time.
    Also check out another free bible popular study program called TheWord We now have both a free version and a full notes version for it. For links to it and other bible study programs see our downloads page
    David Austin
    exec director

  2. David,

    Thanks for the quick response to my blog post.

    I’m glad to hear the NET OT audio is going forward.

    I linked to the NET electronic downloads page, and I have tried the Word. Right now I have far more resources for e-Sword, however, and have used it long enough I’m quite comfortable with it.

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