Belated… One Year Bible Reading Plan with Apocrypha

Yes, I should have made this post  some days ago, but like I tell people, “I was born three weeks late, and have run late ever since.”

Find a couple of plans courtesy of Kevin Edgecomb and Esteban Vazquez here, usable with the NRSVA(pocrypha) or the ESVA(pocrypha) or any separate Apocrypha, like the NETS Old Testament.

You don’t know full Bible history or culture if you haven’t read the Apocrypha, and if you read scholarly tomes, you need copy(ies) for all the references.

Yes, I’ve posted this before, but it seems a good time to emphasize it with a post of its own.

Me, I’m reading about medieval warfare these days, Western European and Byzantine.

UPDATE: Kevin Edgecomb has updated his reading plans for 2010 by consolidating them and making pdf files of them for easy print out. Alas, the Psalms readings were left out, due to their making things more complicated.There is an NRSVA plan and a NETS plan available.

Still plenty of time to play a little catch up and read through the “Common/Complete” Bible this year!

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