Esword 8.0.6 and Windows 7

Just for those who were unsure, they seem to work well together.

More specifically, the Win7 Starter edition in the eMachine Netbook I bought from Wal*Mart this weekend (thanks to Christmas money and providential timing) seems to like eSword, Open Office, FLV player, and Quicktime player all just fine.

Sad to say, this Netbook will do just about everything my four year old desktop will do, for a quarter of what I paid for the desktop after Katrina. On the other hand, that means that should the old desktop decide to go the way of all flesh and computers, I should be able to get by with the Netbook until funds for a new desktop become available.

I don’t know about your local Walmart, but the eMachine Netbooks at ours aren’t selling well, so you may still have a chance to pick one up, if you’re so inclined (At about a hundred dollars less than normal, this weekend. They may have pressed a button in the home office and marked them up Monday morning.) The screen is awfully small for the multi-pane view in eSword, but you can easily maximize a pane to work in, as well as one button font enlargement. And a 10.1 inch Netbook is practically as portable as a trade paperback or study bible, while offering true pdf support for ebooks, music and video player, the ability to do typing work (cramped, it’s true), and, thanks to bible software, as much bible study as you want.

In my new Netbook eSword I have 35 active translations; 19 active dictionaries, encyclopedias, and concordances; and 20 active commentaries, as well as more topic files than I want to count and lots of inactive resources I can use should I desire to.


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