This Math Doesn’t Add Up… NET Bible App

So I get this comment and link this morning for a NET Bible Iphone App and I’m immediately made wary.


This site claims to sell a full-featured NET Bible App for 3.99 US, when Bible dot org sells all of theirs for 19.99 US.

Then you read the app site’s terms of use and realize they make absolutely NO claim of responsibility at all for their site or products.

That’s not legitimate business practice. Period.

It sounds deeply fishy to me, and I’ve contacted Bible dot org.

Until I hear something from the NET Bible folks, I suggest people have nothing to do with Christian Revolution dot Net, aka IBiblez dot com. And for goodness sake, don’t give them any money.

4 thoughts on “This Math Doesn’t Add Up… NET Bible App

  1. I didn’t get an Iphone.

    I got a comment with link to this site and checked it out before approval.

    I’m still in the market for a free 10.1 Netbook with Windows XP, though? Got one lying around?

    I should check out more commenters while I’m at it. Who’s this Norelli character?

  2. This Norelli character is someone who does NOT have an extra 10.1 Netbook with Windows XP lying around. If I get two for Christmas though I’ll make sure you gloat about it and show you a picture of one. 😉

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