NET Bible Reader’s Edition, Now in Hardback with Concordance

Readers of this blog and my not always inane blog comments will know the NET is my preferred bible translation.  I and many others would like to see it get more exposure among the bible reading public.

The NET comes in a few flavors, the most well-known the NET Bible Learning Environment site, followed by the mammoth published NET First Edition (Bible Study and muscle-building in one book!). The edition that has the most promise for engaging the broader public is the NET Reader’s Edition, the large print (eleven point type) with few notes (7000 vs 60,932 in the First Edition) lightweight, easily carried edition.  (I like compact editions, myself, but haven’t seen a NET Compact (8 point type sounds pretty good) to judge whether I’d like it or not. And practically, it has no Apocrypha. Hint hint, NET folk.) There are software NET versions available for Libronix, e-Sword, The Sword, The Word, and Sword Searcher, and portable devices that use Pocket e-sword, Bible Reader, and  Kindle software some free, some available with notes for a basic fee.

Now the folk who bring us the NET have come up with a further step to increase the NET readership: the NET Reader’s Edition Hardback. This is your lowest cost NET, still with the 11 point type, 7000 notes, satellite bible maps, and a NEW NET concordance (fifty-one pages, 1000 terms, 10,000 entries. Can a full NET concordance be in the works?)

The hardback is both an inexpensive gift bible (Christmas, graduation, birthday, baptism or other special occasions), or a decidedly different choice for a pew bible (available in bargain ten packs with a bonus First edition).  It is a good way to introduce more people to a mediating (THE term for good English bible versions lately) translation that comes recommended by no less than Gordon Fee and Mark Strauss in their How to Choose a  Translation… (itself an inexpensive, very useful book), though I think they would opt for the NET First edition.

So, good news on the NET Bible front, and a nice possible purchase for bible readers looking for a non- KJV family translation.


2 thoughts on “NET Bible Reader’s Edition, Now in Hardback with Concordance

  1. I have now obtained 2 copies of the NET Bible; the First Edition and the Reader’s Bible. Both of them have such thin paper that the words on the back of the page so clearly bleed through to the front of the page that it makes it uncomfortable to read the Bible. I would love it if the publisher would print an edition using thicker paper so that it could be read comfortably. It is very frustrating to have a Bible you want to read but cannot read comfortably.

  2. John: You should try to get your hands on a NA27-NET Diglot. The pages don’t have the bleed-through that you describe in the other editions, and it’s a diglot! You have the NA27 with its textual apparatus and the NET NT with its copious notes. The best of both worlds! Plus I hear that the NET NT is superior to the OT in terms of translation (although I haven’t personally tested the claim).

    BTW, are you the same John Schoenheit from Spirit & Truth Fellowship International?

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