Biblioblog Top 50? Huh What? Aren’t You Dead, Spock?

So the reports of its death were sort of exaggerated. It’s a six month top fifty now. Starting this month, conveniently. Yes, readers, somebody is having too much fun.

Anyway, there is more interesting stuff than the mere list. Read this, if you haven’t (all three of you):

The Biblioblog Top 50 is a listing of the top 50 Biblical Studies blogs, chosen according to the utterly subjective criteria of sexy style, stimulating content, timely dissemination, regularity, discernment, scholarly depth, innovation, and pazang. The convener of the Top 50 is the All Time Top Biblioblogger, Jim West, whose unsurpassed excellence qualifies him as final arbiter of all lesser bibliobloggers. O Jim, we thank thee for thy mighty judgment upon us all.

Oh, yes. I have some comments on this!

Sexy style? Uh oh, have to pull out the black leather undies again.

Stimulating? That leaves most evangelicals right out….

Regularity? Got that. Every night right… Ahem. Never mind.

Discernment? Isn’t that a spiritual gift? What about the atheist and agnostic Top 50ers?

Scholarly depth. Write an article only three people can understand and would ever want to, and ZOOM! You shoot right to the top of the list, eh?

Innovation. Never heard of it. Too newfangled. Not only do I read antique commentaries, but I use outdated software to read them with! I also preferred Coke Classic and Sam Raimi’s favorite car.

Pazang… Pazuzu… what?

Jim West, unsurpassed excellence…final arbiter… mighty judgment? Hey, this IS a fantasy website, after all.

Not a bad list at all, actually. And it pains me to say that since I’m not on it. A sharp stabbing pain in my left side, in fact, just here. Or is that more than you wanted to know?


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