Just in Time For Halloween….

I learn my pastor has taken up Twitter. (Sort of. Like his blogging.)

Oh, the horror!

Is it time to examine the mysteries of Rome? I hear they’re getting more open-armed toward Protestants.

Or maybe Canterbury. I already have the Book, after all. (well, the 1928, which is pretty darn close to the 1662).

Either way, all those bibles I have with the deuterocanonicals (Wiki link brought to you by Jim West) would actually get more use, wouldn’t they?

Oh, Horror, REAL HORROR!!!

Now my Student Minister has a blog, too!!! 😉


4 thoughts on “Just in Time For Halloween….

  1. Chuck, I’m a little shocked to discover that you celebrate Halloween. You always seemed so clean-cut.

    Me, I don’t celebrate it. But perhaps, just for fun this year, I’ll put “Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein” in the DVD player on the 31st.

  2. Theophrastus: Hey, just because I mention Purim and The Day of Atonement doesn’t make me a Jew, does it?

    Mostly I celebrate horror movies, which I grew up on. Of course, the horror I grew up on was far tamer than that of today.

    I admit I do get candy for the neighborhood kids, but that’s because they’re kids and I like to keep my neighbors happy with me.

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