The Apocalypse One Sign Closer: Rick Mansfield Posts His NET Bible Review

This post title is a bit of a tease, obviously. Rick Mansfield, NT theology doctoral candidate, sunday school teacher, and bible collector and reviewer extraordinaire, promised one of his excellent, comprehensive bible translation and edition reviews (check under “Review” for starters) on the NET Bible going on two years ago. Alas, life intervened and he has only finally posted the review this week.  Go forth and read it here.  It is well up to his usual standard.

I note in one of the comments Rick confesses he would now include both the NET and the NRSV in his own Top Ten translations, if forced –at gunpoint, perhaps?– to compile such a list again. I think my subtle psychic influence has been working on Rick, as those are my two favorite translations. The NET 1st edition for it’s excellent notes and the unrivaled NET/NA27 diglot edition, the NRSV for its uniquely broad idea of “apocrypha” and wide acceptance among Christian denominations.

I note also that Rick neglected to mention one NET edition: the NET Bible Synopsis of the Four Gospels, available from Bible dot org and Amazon. I have a copy soon to arrive and am curious to see what it looks like, especially with the Gospel of Mark coming up next quarter in our Sunday School literature.


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