Jim West’s Future Zombie Holocaust

The world’s number one biblioblogger, Jim West,  really wants his Dead Sea Scrolls Logos database. I quote from a comment in a recent post:

“I’ll wait for Logos. Even if I have to wait till I’m dead.”

Halloween approaching, I immediately imagined a new George Romero zombie film starring the undead Jim West, leading a zombie army in a lurching march from Tennessee to Bellingham, Washington to get his DSS Logos module.

Alas, Romero has already done a version of this film: Land of the Dead, so we won’t be seeing this particular film from him. Too bad, because Romero is known to be generally sympathetic to the zombies.

Now it must be said, I’ve yet to read Dr. West threaten a zombie apocalypse if he doesn’t have his way. On the other hand, I’ve yet to read his theological stance on the zombie apocalypse and it’s relationship to cats, either.

And yes, I’m intrigued to see his reaction to a post about himself that almost entirely cites Wikipedia, as well. 😉


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