What’s in My Pockets

Because I have so many important things to say. So here we go, in homage to Nick Norelli:

1. Wallet: Mostly consists of book and DVD store discount cards and one or two small denomination government bills. Don’t bother mugging me unless fast food or Red Ripple is your idea of a great meal. I also keep a mini magnifying sheet here because serial numbers on Ipods and mp3 players are getting ever smaller.

2. Keys: Not many because I don’t own much. Including my leased car.

3. Eye drops: Because I have glaucoma to go with my diabetes, so soaking them peepers with medicine a couple of times a day is a must.

4. Box cutter: Not that I cut that many boxes; it’s mostly tape on boxes. I could easily use a pocket knife, but one of my regular duties at Wal-mart is picking up box cutters left lying around by associates and shoplifters. I have a horror of seeing some kid doing a test cut on his/her arm with a discarded box cutter. I also have a horror of being attacked by a customer I’ve said “no” to.

5. MP3 player: 8 gb Philips Go Player. What’s on this might say a lot about me:

a. Trailer music: Thundering orchestra and screaming chorus. That’s to wake me up on slow days.

b. NET New Testament: Yes, I carry part of the Bible everywhere.

c. NT Textual Critical lectures: I’m that sort of bible geek. Dan Wallace, James White, Greer-Heard ’08, etc.

d. James White You-Tube videos: Talking head videos are good for a small screen. In fact I need to convert and add a few more.

e. Abel’s viola da gamba works: Some of my favorite classical music

f. Classical music: This varies depending on my mood. Lately it’s lots of lush string symphonies counterbalanced by Philip Glass’ minimalist soundtracks and string quartets. Frequently it is various violin, cello, and viola da gamba works, especially Bach.

6. Key chain flashlight: Because Wal-marts are dark caves when the lights go out.

And that’s about all I regularly carry around. What books I tote and what sample DVDs I play are discussions for another day, and of course change much more frequently.


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