More Books on Southern Baptists

About a year ago I posted some suggestions for books for and about Southern Baptists.

Again this year, just after the SBC annual meeting, I offer three more book suggestions on my denomination for your perusal, one edited and one authored by Union University President David Dockery and one theology:

Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal: Dockery wrote this in 2007?. It is a call for unity among Southern Baptists, with chapters organized on brief expositions of the past, the current situation, and the needs of the future. Chapters include topics like Southern Baptist Identity markers (Scripture, Missions, Cooperation), Exposition of  Southern Baptist Consensus Theology, Worship, Education,  History of Southern Baptist Theology, and Qualities needed in Future SBC leaders.

Southern Baptist Identity: This is just out, and I’m about halfway through the book. This Dockery-edited collection of essays focuses on how the SBC has operated in the past and how it should operate in the future.  The essays focus on how the SBC can keep their –often out of touch with the larger culture– theology while meeting to challenges of the future. Fifteen essays from leading voices in the SBC, many of whom also contribute to the following book.

A Theology For the Church: This is edited by Daniel Akin, with chapters written by leading Southern Baptists, many of whom also contributed to “Southern Baptist Identity”. David Dockery co-authored chapter 3 on Special Revelation. The book is a systemic theology on the standard topics: Revelation, God, Humanity, Christ, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Church, Last Things, and a final section extolling the need for pastors to be theologians. Each section is organized around four questions:

What does the Bible Say?

What has the Church Believed?

How do the Doctrines Fit Together?

How do the Doctrines Impact the Church Today?

At  over 900 pages this is more a reference work than a straight read through book. And there is surely something in so large a work for everyone to disagree with. (Trinity as Model for Marriage? Get Outta Here!) But it is the most recent, multiple authored Southern Baptist theology out.

So there are three more to keep you busy and better informed about Southern Baptists!


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