Galgala, Gilgal… The Jericho Cave

The latest archaeological discovery of Biblical interest out of the Middle East: a cave in the Jordan Valley that corresponds to the rough location of Galgala on the Byzantine mosaic map at Madaba.  Some people have equated Galgala with biblical Gilgal, but the Haifa University Professor in charge of this dig, Adam Zertal, has apparently previously identified another site, Khirbet el-Unuk, NE of Shechem, as Gilgal.

This news story is so new there is not much to report. Jim West has posts about the cave here, here, and here. Todd Bolen has some links to some photos and information on the Medeba map at his BiblePlaces Blog. No doubt there will be more news to come in days ahead.

UPDATE 6-23-09: It being a slow depravity day, Jim West posts more photos from the cave here.


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