Look Who’s Forty….

Kind readers, I direct your attention to news of great import. My pastor, Dr. Jay Cook, turns the dreaded forty years old Friday, June 19.

We already welcomed him into prayer meeting tonight with black armbands, but I suggest that if you so choose, you might send him an e-mail at “jayc@fbcpas.net”. In particular you might send messages along these lines:


1. You’ve turned forty, so now people will listen to your opinion even without the “Dr.” at the front of your name.

2. You’re a lucky man to have so nice a family as to gracefully put up with the infirmities of your advanced age.

3. I saw your blog and am pleased to see you didn’t die sometime last November from advanced years.

4. You must be so happy to come to pastor a church with such wonderful members as the Goulablogger in your declining years.

5. You look great for your age.


1. I’m sure your son didn’t intend to be mean when he said “Only God has more candles on his birthday cake than that.”

2. Many famous people did their best work in the later parts of life.

3. You’re not getting older… Well, actually….

4. The print in everyone’s Bibles gets smaller after forty.

5. It was a teenager who called you “Gramps” yesterday, after all.


I only offer one suggestion: “NKJV– Why?”

Oh, and you might leave a message on his blog, to convince Jay he isn’t a voice crying in the wilderness, that only he remains on the Internet.

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