About those Galatians 2-3 Sunday School Notes

Time to ‘fess up.

1. This has been an incredibly complicated Sunday School lesson, note-wise. No one agrees, and everyone gets detailed.

2. I tried a new system of note-taking involving marking books rather than writing notes. It failed. Abysmally.

3. Reading my various sources, I became worried that if I posted the notes I liked,  Ben Witherington III would sue for copyright infringement.  Far and away my best commentary this week.

4. Time has come to call this week a failure so I may start next week’s notes.

Apologies, folks.

Try this link for some notes if you haven’t found these already: Sunday School Resources, Summer 2009

And by all means, read the NET Bible translation and notes on Gal 2:15-3:9. I always check the NET when studying.

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