Holidays, Holy Days… What’s A Pastor to Do?

I’ve written before about Sundays near national holidays, but this Sunday was a triple hitter: It was the Sunday after Ascension Day, the Sunday before Memorial Day, and our Sunday dedicated to recognizing our high school and college graduates.

My thought is pretty simple: I’m glad I’m not a pastor, because Sundays like that leave one thinking “What’s a pastor to do?”

I personally have little use for secular holidays in church, but I’m sure some members are upset when they are avoided. I think, on the other hand, that free churches like Southern Baptists (though it’s always dangerous to speak of free churches as a monolith) don’t follow the liturgical calendar/holy year enough. Again, I’m sure some members would feel their church was becoming too Episcopal or, horror of horrors, Roman Catholic, if the classic church year got too much notice. The baccalaureate program I don’t mind, since it does lead to sermons on living as a Christian in the world, which we all need to hear.

What did my local church do? Well, we didn’t even recognize Ascension Day, we had the graduate ceremonies, and we had no evening service in order to allow people to go to the local Memorial Day celebration (or to save on the electric bill because so many church members were travelling). That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms, because while I haven’t perfect church attendance, I do like services to be conducted regularly. When Sunday evening or Wednesday evening services are cancelled, I am a mite annoyed, but on the other hand (I have enough hands to be in the bar scene in “Star Wars”, you see), the image of say, a Roman Catholic priest celebrating the Eucharist in a church pretty much by himself strikes me as wrong, too. Church= ecclesia= assembly of people. If it’s just the priest/pastor and the staff, that’s not really church, is it?

As I began, so I end: what’s a pastor to do, a member to think?

(P.S. Nice to see I’ve been blogging long enough to reference previous posts on a topic. Tee Hee!)


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