In the Mail, Yet Again

Thanks to the generous contribution of an Amazon gift certificate from Nick Norelli, I was encouraged earlier this week to order two more collections of patristic excerpts:

The Roots of Christian Mysticism by Olivier Clement and Drinking from the Hidden Fountain: A Patristic Breviary by Tomas Spidlik.

I say two more because I recently purchased Readings for the Daily Office from the Early Church and They Still Speak: Readings for the Lesser Feasts, both by J. Robert Wright, along with a faded copy of The Desert Fathers by Benedicta Ward.

I purchased these readings collections assuming that they were better intros to the church fathers than trying to dive into those thirty-eight or more volumes, since a tour by a knowledgeable guide should teach more and better than being self-taught, as it were.

Nick’s gift certificate was originally intended to fund the purchase of Paolo Pandolfo‘s new cd of Carl Friedrich Abel ‘s viola da gamba works, The Drexel Manuscript. I am happy to report it is already available for download from classicsonline for less than half the cost of the cd. Would that Susanne Heinrich‘s Mr. Abel’s Fine Airs was also so available. The two cds feature much the same music, but in very different performances, making them intriguing comparative listening.

So thanks to Nick for his gift certificate, and if you are looking for good classical music or an intro into the Church Fathers, give some of these a try.


4 thoughts on “In the Mail, Yet Again

  1. Nick:

    You aren’t the only bargain hunting biblioblogger around! In fact, I’m sitting on a Lifeway discount card waiting for the proper time to use its 30% off powers.

    I love the ease and low price of mp3 downloads. And I’m listening to Pandolfo’s Abel even as I type. Thanks again.

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