NET Bible for e-Sword 9.x

Over at e-Sword Users Todd Lingren of Bible dot org has announced the availability of NET Bible software for e-Sword 9.x. Users of the premium edition with the 60,000+ notes can get the 9.x upgrade by emailing  If you don’t own the NET Bible for e-Sword yet, you can purchase it in 8.x and 9.x format, or download the various free and premium versions from this page.

I personally recommend the NET Bible with notes, as it is an excellent first choice stop for any bible study questions I have during my studies. Other works may go more in-depth, but the NET notes routinely get the gist of any problems I encounter. The NET text reads quite well, too.

In other e-Sword 9.x news, Rick Meyers is regularly upgrading the 9.x module conversion utility, which you can find at the bottom of the e-Sword Extras page.


2 thoughts on “NET Bible for e-Sword 9.x

  1. I’ve downloaded the NET Bible for eSword but have been unable to get it to show up in the program after installation. Any ideas?

  2. SuzAnne,

    No help here, I’m afraid. I chickened out and stuck with my version 8x software.

    In the old esword one pretty much copied the module into the esword folder and bingo! the new module was there the next time you opened the program. I don’t think it is so simple now. is the form email link, if you haven’t taken that step already. Also, you can go to esword users dot org (link on right sidebar) and post a question to those guys in the forums. They are much more computer saavy than I.

    Good luck!

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