Old Jordanville Prayer Book for Esword

In commemoration of Esteban Vazquez’s blog‘s silence (yet again 😉  ), I mention that the Russian Orthodox Prayer Book “The Old Jordanville Prayer Book” has come available for download as an e-Sword topic note recently at e-Sword users dot org, where I believe you will need to register to download files.

I’ve been skimming a number of prayer books lately. It’s interesting stuff from a non-liturgical background. And of course, you can learn a great deal from how people pray.


8 thoughts on “Old Jordanville Prayer Book for Esword

  1. Oh, how fun! Some of us swear by that Old Jordaville translation. I recently was able to order a replacement for my old and tattered second-hand copy, since some blessed soul in England privately printed a short run.

    And sorry for the inactivity, but my laptop’s keyboard doesn’t work and I can’t afford to fix it. :-/

    1. Is their a difference between the Jordanville Prayer Book and the OLD Jordanville Prayer Book?

      The Jordanville Prayer Book seems widely available but I cannot find any links selling the OLD Jordanville Prayer Book.


      1. I gather some of the translation of prayers got changed over time between editions of the Jordanville Prayer Book, including the major change of using a different Psalter. But I don’t really know any details.

  2. I recently picked up “A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers” for my prayer book collection, as well.

    As for swearing by old versions, I myself went with the 1928 Book of Common Prayer when choosing which version of that venerable work to buy. The 1979 version just didn’t feel right. Probably because it isn’t the same language I’ve heard forever in films and on tv.

    I was looking at the 2008 Baptist Hymnal before our Easter music last week, and thought that the responsive readings are about as close to a common liturgy as we SBCers have. But for the life of me I can’t remember the responsive readings being used much since I was a teenager or younger, thirty or so years ago.

  3. What an interesting download for E-Sword – I haven’t used that program for some time now and am out of the loop, but I am glad they are expanding their software available!

    As for the “old Jordanville” – I have not read through it, but hear nothing but high praise worthy of a book regarded as ‘venerable’.

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