Online Textual Commentary on the Greek Gospels, Sixth Edition, 2009

Whatever else he may be, Wieland Willker is not idle. He has once more updated his Greek Gospels textual critical commentary, adding the latest new information to the main commentary, and a new paleographical section using images from the Internet to highlight textual problems. As always, I am staggered by the amount of work that goes into this commentary. Hats off to Dr. Willker and his notion of a hobby!

While this work can definitely go right over one’s head, it is a very useful resource for gospels study. And the fact that it is available in Adobe Acrobat format means I can carry it on my Archos 404. Hurrah!

Bookmark it, download the files, but absolutely use this if you’ve got the Greek. And get the Greek if you don’t! It’s great stuff!


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