The One Stop eSword Module Site

It’s no secret that much of my blog traffic comes from people looking for modules for eSword. Well, let me solve some of my visitors’ searching by posting the link to , where you can download most esword modules that I have (and I have tons!) in self-extracting files. It’s a fairly new site, but its complete, and yes, its free.

Go hither and load up, if you haven’t already.

6 thoughts on “The One Stop eSword Module Site

  1. Hi,

    there has to be an easier way to download all the modules…i am loading a few at a time am already at 246 modules. is there something that i am doing wrong? how many modules are there to DL from e sword? i have been doing this for a week…is there an end? thanks

    1. May I respectfully suggest you begin to concentrate more on ‘using’ what you’ve downloaded, rather than simply aquiring as much as you can…

      The reality is there’s a host of material out there, both TOP files, step files, bbl files and on and on – that’s the Bibles and books that people have written on it – the purpose is to read them. Unless you’re a Theology Prof, or a Minister of the Gospel, you don’t need dozens of versions of the Bible, nor more than two or three Commentaries. Take your time to use what you have, and just add to your collection when you hear about, or need something special to augment your studies.

  2. You should also check out and for theWord. started off with my e-Sword modules (800) which I donated to them, and I have been doing this a lot longer than they have. I stopped working in e-sword for a while to work in theWord (which is the better program), but have started back in e-Sword also.
    David Cox

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