Some E-Sword News

First up: Two more languages have been added to the list of GUI localizations: Indonesian and Swedish, bringing the current total of languages you can run the program in to eight, with more to come, I’m sure.

Second: A new eStudy Source commentary module has been released. The Baker New Testament Commentaryby William Hendriksen and Simon Kistemaker, in twelve volumes, is an older (1960s-2001) commentary series aimed more at the interested layman. It is avowedly Reformed/Calvinistic, strongly expositional with technical interludes, useful “practical lessons” at the end of sections, and Greek notes that are too technical for the typical reader.

It’s weaknesses are that it is not technical enough to address all the questions in interpreting the text (but granted I use several technical commentaries together to do that in my own notes), it is irregular in format because it was done over so long by two different men, and Don “I review commentaries so you don’t have to” Carson gives it a lukewarm “Okay with other commentaries” score.

I agree about its lack of depth, but it strikes me a good series for a lay bible study leader, and the price is excellent, even compared to bargain Christian software outlets, especially considering you are buying 9600 pages on the New Testament. Admittedly I am one of those who think you can never have too many commentaries. The series also has the distinction that “four of the volumes compiled by Kistemaker earned Gold Medallion Awards (Hebrews, James and 1-3 John, Acts, and 1 Corinthians)”.

So if you are looking for a good Reformed expositional New Testament commentary for eSword, definitely consider adding this one to your collection. And if you sign up for the eStudy Source newsletter, you can get early news and discounts on premium eSword modules.


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