Day: November 11, 2008

E-Sword Update 8.04: Languages Integration; Orthodox Apocrypha

Rick Meyers has done it again. He’s improved E-sword Bible software considerably inĀ update release 8.04.

I quote from the update notes:

“e-Sword version 8.0 changes from 7.9
The e-Sword user interface has been completely localized. The various menus and dialogs can be displayed in numerous languages, with the initial offering of Afrikaans, Czech, German, French, Slovak and Spanish. As the e-Sword GUI Localization will be an add-on module, this will be updated individually as new languages are added to it.

Scripture references are displayed using localized abbreviations, and popup ToolTips are converted according to the language in use.

A new Bible book browser has been implemented.

The Orthodox Apocrypha is now supported, in addition to the Catholic Deuterocanon. Both the Revised Standard Version and New Revised Standard Version add-ons now include an additional module with all of these Books.

Some of the text colors and window backgrounds can be customized. Select “Options, Text Colors” from the e-Sword menu to use this feature. This will also allow you to turn off red-letter formatting in Bibles if you so desire.”

The new bible browser works very nicely, and the fonts seem just that much sharper once again. The addition of “full” apocrypha support increases the program’s usefulness for non-Protestants and the many languages support in menus and dialogs is a great step that makes E-Sword ever more an international tool for Bible study.

Currently as Rick notes, the only bibles available with Apocrypha are the standard “complete” bibles, the NRSV-A and the RSV-A. They areĀ available together for about 25 US at EstudySource. More specifically, if the different editions available confuse you, here is the NRSV-A, and here is the RSV-A.

Congratulations to Rick Meyers for making a significant step at improving E-sword’s usefulness to non-English speakers and non-Protestants. As usual, very well done!