Day: November 9, 2008

Elah Fortress Video and Photos

My original Elah fortress post continues to be one of my most active posts, but I don’t seem to be getting many hits on the Elah Fortress website.

It’s a shame if you’re not visiting that site because it has a number of interesting videos and photos along with text. Thus I here give you some links to visual aids.

The photo and video pages are a bit difficult to ferret out on the site right now, so here’s the individual pages:

The Finds
The Site
The Valley
The People
The Video Archive

There is a mostly parallel collection of videos located on YouTube if that floats your boat.

Dr. Jim West has a nice blog post of links to photos of the exciting Elah potsherd/ostracon.

Now go forth and VIEW as well as read about this fascinating new excavation, if you haven’t already.

UPDATE 1: Yosef Garfinkel and Saar Ganor’s slideshow presentation at the 2008 ASOR has been posted as a 6.23 meg pdf file. Plenty of graphics for those interested. Hat tip to Chris Heard at Higgaion