Day: November 2, 2008

Ice Cream as Presidential Election Metaphor

Yes, I’m about sick of the election process at this point, but I thought I should preserve this silly metaphor about voting in general and presidential politics especially.

In most every campaign I feel like a guy who goes to an ice cream shop hungry for a big cone of chocolate. When he arrives, however, he is told his only choices are vanilla and strawberry.

What’s the guy to do? He can only not ice cream or pick among undesired alternatives.  And if he loathes strawberry, what choice is left except vanilla, boring and routine as it is?

In Presidential elections, I haven’t eaten chocolate since 1988. Don’t get me started on state and local elections.

To those who are having their chocolate this election, God bless. I really want some chocolate ice cream at this point.

Now, if you want to read something more intelligent and God-centered on the Presidential race, read Claude Mariottini ‘s post on this election. And if you have read it, read it again.<g>


The Blogroll Grows Yet Again

First is some houskeeping notes: Better Bibles Blog has gone WordPress. Good move, guys. But I beat you to the update, Wayne.

David Cox, who maintains an E-Sword Module Database Library, changed his website address, so I’ve updated the link to that very popular resource.

But the big news in these is that my local church, First Baptist Church, Pascagoula, MS, has updated their website from its post- Katrina state to a new template that makes it now worthy of inclusion in the Resource Links.

 And yes, my pastor, Dr. Jay Cook— whom Jim West opines I surely annoy– has a little blog, Jay’s Thoughts, on the church website that I’ve added to the blogroll. I wouldn’t expect this to update too much. Unlike the aforementioned Mr. West, Pastor Cook is not aiming for total mastery of biblioblogging. Not yet, anyway.

And yes, Pastor Cook’s e-mail is on the church site, so you can deluge him with e-mails about my outrageous internet antics. But remember, while I may feel obligated to always listen to my pastor, I don’t feel obliged to always agree with him. 😉