So You Like Your Music Loud? Trailer Music for You

I’m talking about the thunderous bass, brass, and screaming chorus made popular by modern action movies scored by Remote Control Productions (formerly known as MediaVentures), whose most famous composer and stylistic godfather is Hans Zimmer.

So if you’ve worn out your CDs of _The Rock_, _Peacemaker_, _Gladiator_, _Pirates of the Carribean_, _Batman Begins_, _The Dark Knight_,  _Transformers: the Score_ and even the multi-CD _LOTR_ soundtracks (to name just a few),  I give you new albums to try:

Position Music- Orchestral Series Vol. 1 by Tom Salta

Position Music- Orchestral Series Vol. 2 by James Dooley

Position Music- Orchestral Series Vol. 3 by Magnus Christensen and Ryan Franks

Unearthed by E. S. Posthumus

Epicon by Globus

Trailerhead by The Immediate

These albums are basically commerical sample music for video trailers of all sorts, be they movie trailers, video game trailers, sports trailers, or business product trailers. They are short pieces done in the same bombastic style as Zimmer and his cohorts. They are meant to grab your attention and work you over emotionally in about four minutes or less. These do their job quite well, I think, and their sound quality is as good as any I’ve listened to.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add the name of John Beal to this post. Beal is pretty much the godfather of modern movie trailer music, which was built on close homages to popular pieces from movie scores (still a popular practice). Sadly the two CD collection of his more famous trailer pieces, Coming Soon is out of print and not so easily found.

So crank up the volume and enjoy! Just don’t blame me if you go deaf.


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