Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha: E-sword Topic Files

UPDATE II: Ignore  eSword links below. Time dates links. Miscellaneous Old and New Testament Apocrypha now found here. Book of Jubilees, Book of Enoch, Nag Hammadi Library

Update: The eSword links are all v8 files. Go to Biblesupport.com to search for v9 format files of these.

R.H. Charles’s massive two volumes on Old Testament writings: e-books (This is the R.H. Charles index page, because a number of his books are classics you might want to read)

Book of Enoch, Book of Jubilees, Sibylline Oracles: all for e-sword: here. (Lots more stuff to intrigue and confuse you here.)

A Miscellaneous Collection of Old and New Testament related writings in one big e-sword file: here (UPDATE: It occurs to me this is likely an eSword 8> file. Most people are using eSword 9< now. Try this link for what may be the same file (I don’t use 9+, and the description is nonexistent.)

You can find Targummim, Apostolic Fathers, and some Nag Hammadi writings, in original languages and translation at this excellent webpage: E-sword Original Languages Library (Under Resources: E-sword Modules on the left sidebar)

A great many of these texts were collated from the Internet, particularly the Internet Sacred Text Archive


6 thoughts on “Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha: E-sword Topic Files

  1. Internet Archive and Google Books: everyone should have them in Favorite links.

    Barring that, read my Resource Links on the right sidebar. 😉

    R.H. Charles’ ICC volumes on John’s Revelation are a technical commentary classic, though everyone has stolen the best parts out of them by now for modern commetaries. Haven’t heard about his Daniel commentary, but it’s almost certainly excellent.

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