Bouncing Binary Biblical Blogging Beme. Or, More Drivel

It started at Lingamish, went to bishop n.t. wrong, who sent it flying with a bit of topspin over here.

I don’t care to perpetuate memes, but any excuse for stupid jokes:

1) Jim West: Testament of Solomon is Totally Depraved, as Zwingli proves in the original languages so that even Chris Tilling can grasp it.

2) Nick Norelli: Send me a Free Copy of that Drivel Testament of Solomon for my birthday and I’ll Speedily Review It and then you can SEND ME MORE FREE BOOKS. Did I say SEND ME FREE BOOKS?

3) Roger Mugs : What God is Teaching Me from the Testament of Solomon In Glorious Monochrome on customizable Blogger

4) Nathan Stitt: What Version of the Greek Testament of Solomon should I Get Cheap to Improve my Vocabulary? Do You Like My New Header?

5) James White: I’ve listened to everything Solomon ever wrote in the original languages on my Ipod while cycling (uphill, three ways) and I’d challenge Solomon to prove his Testament of Solomon is Biblical while using acceptable scholarly sources. Which reminds me of the time I debated (insert phone book here)…. 

Do or don’t pass it on. But if you do pass it on, get better comedy writers.

5 thoughts on “Bouncing Binary Biblical Blogging Beme. Or, More Drivel

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