Some Books on Southern Baptists

In light of the ongoing SBC annual meeting and the popularity of the Arminian book list, I offer a small selection of books about my denomination for those interested.

Herschel H. Hobbs: Mr. Southern Baptist for a whole generation of us, Hobbs wrote the adult Sunday School lesson for the SBC for almost thirty years. His three most useful books about Southern Baptists are:

1. What Baptists Believe

2. Fundamentals of our Faith

3. The Baptist Faith and Message: Hobbs’s 1997 revision of his 1971 study on the 1963 BFM. Recently supplanted by a 2008 version examining the 2000 BFM.

Non-Hobbs (though frequently Tom J. Nettles edited)

4. The Baptist faith and Message 2000: Critical Issues: Useful discussions of the articles of the BFM2000 and a side by side comparison of the 1925, 1963, and 2000 BFMs.

4. Theologians of the Baptist Tradition: Focusing on those whom Southern Baptists like to lay claim to.

5. Baptists and the Bible: The conservative viewpoint of inerrancy’s history among Southern Baptists

6. By His Grace and For His Glory: Tom Nettles’ book length argument that Calvinism was a bedrock for Southern Baptist founders that mid-twentieth century SBC leaders drifted away from.

7. Believer’s Baptism: Multi-author study of classic Baptist distinctive, still too short and too busy arguing with the Presbyterians for some reviewers.

8. Calvinism: A Southern Baptist Dialogue: A repeat recommendation, but it is a hot topic in the SBC and does give a good snapshot of the diversity that is the Southern Baptist Convention

9. Why I am a Baptist: More personal reflections on being Baptist from a range of essayists.


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